Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation


In the heart of Kogi state, Mopelola’s Adeyemi Olabuju’s world was forever changed when her 3-month-old son Prevail was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), a life-threatening heart condition that stops the flow of oxygen in the heart. For months, she navigated the emotional and financial struggles that came with seeking medical help for her precious child. What makes this story even more remarkable is that the beacon of hope came from an unexpected source—the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation, which played a pivotal role in sponsoring the open-heart surgery that became the turning point in the young child’s life.

Discovery and Desperation:

The journey began with Mopelola’s unwavering love for her son. When Prevail was just three months old, the family received the heartbreaking news of his heart condition. Desperate to find help, the mother tirelessly sought assistance from various sources, facing numerous dead ends and financial barriers.

A Beacon of Hope on Social Media:

In the age of connectivity, social media emerged as an unexpected ally. Through the vast network of Facebook, the family stumbled upon the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation. Skeptical but hopeful, they explored the foundation’s mission and impact, which led to a significant life changing event.

Breaking Stereotypes:

Hailing from Kogi state, Mopelola’s family harboured reservations about reaching out to a foundation based in the South East for help. The prevailing stereotypes and historical divisions in Nigeria often cast shadows on intertribal cooperation. However, the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation shattered these misconceptions by extending a helping hand to a family in need, showcasing that compassion transcends ethnic boundaries.

A Swift Response and Lifesaving Surgery:

Impressed by the foundation’s commitment to healthcare, the family reached out with a glimmer of hope. To their surprise, the response was swift and compassionate. The Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation took charge, ensuring the little warrior received the critical open-heart surgery he desperately needed.

A Journey of Resilience:

As the now 3-year-old underwent the intricate surgery, the foundation’s support became a cornerstone of support. The surgical success marked not only a medical triumph but a testament to the foundation’s commitment to making quality healthcare accessible to all, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or any other distinguishing characteristic.

Community Unity and Gratitude:

The impact story rippled through the community, fostering a sense of unity and shared humanity. Neighbors, friends, and family rallied around the family, inspired by the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation’s generosity and contribution to breaking down stereotypes.


In the heart of Kogi state, a 3-year-old warrior defied the odds, thanks to the compassion of the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation. This impact story transcends medical triumph and divides, embodying the belief that, when united in purpose, we can create a world where every child has the chance to thrive. The foundation’s unwavering commitment has not only saved a life but has sown the seeds of hope and unity in a community that will be felt for generations to come.